KU cookie popup

Here is how to implement KU cookie popup on external sites.

* Note that all systems with a web interface for external users should use KU cookie solution so we only ask users once for cookie consent.

  1. Add the following references in <head>:

    <link href="https://cms.ku.dk/bootstrap/dist/css/ku-cookiepopup.min.css" rel="stylesheet">
    <script src="https://cms.ku.dk/scripts_js/cookies/cookie_filters.js"></script>

  2. Add the following script references right before </body>:


    <script src="https://cms.ku.dk/scripts_js/cookies/cookiedata.js"></script>


    <script>window.GLOBAL_cookieconf.liveStatsEndpoint = "https://www.ku.dk/:obvius/consent";</script>

    <script src="https://cms.ku.dk/scripts_js/cookies/ccc.js"></script>

  3. Wrap your custom scripts or elements (that use statistical or marketing cookies) in the following function: Example with scripts:
        KUCookieFilters.wrap_inline_script(function() {
          // Insert custom code here
        }, ["statistical", "marketing"]);

    Add parameters "statistical" and/or "marketing" depending on the type of cookies used the script.

    Example with element - in this case a Youtube video:
         <div class="cookiefilter cookiefiltercategory-statistical cookiefiltercategory-marketing"
          data-original-html="<iframe allowfullscreen="" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/zpOULjyy-n8?rel=0" title="Youtube video"></iframe>" id="cookiefilter-placeholder-1">
        <div class="cookiefilter-header">Indhold ikke tilgængeligt på grund af cookie-valg</div>
          <p>Du kan ikke se indholdet i dette felt på grund af dine cookie-valg.</p>
            <a class="open-cookie-dialog" href="#">Klik her for at redigere dine cookie-indstillinger.</a>
          <p>Kategori: Statistik, Markedsføring</p>

    The classes cookiefiltercategory-* determine which content to display based on the user's cookie preferences in the cookie popup.