This design styleguide is meant for developers and project managers who will work on systems and interfaces related to University of Copenhagen.

Hence, the purpose of this guide is to demonstrate general design principles as well as the formatting of html elements, in order to maintain a coherent visual identity.

Following these guidelines is important in order to ensure a great user experience across all devices and screen sizes, while maintaining a consistent look and feel.

Design principles

This style guide is based on Bootstrap v3.3.7. All solutions must be created to integrate seamlessly with these design principles:

  • Full documentation and source code at GitHub can be found here.
  • Page templates for University of Copenhagen can be found here.
  • CSS and javaScript: All external solutions must link to the same masters:



  • jQuery is not included by default. Make sure to add jQuery version 3.1.0 minified before bootstrap.min.js.
  • HTML must be valid html5 and well-formed.
  • Accessibility: Solutions are to apply and observe the rules of accessibility provided by WCAG 2.1 level AA. it is allowed to use WAI-ARIA.

This design guide

This design guide is under development. Changes may be made to the stylesheet on a regular basis, but the html code is stable, and will not be altered unless errors appear.

Last modified April 11, 2024.


Questions regarding this design styleguide can be directed to:

UCPH Communication
University of Copenhagen
E-mail: Web team
Nørregade 10
1165 København K